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No. 010/2023

Date: 19th May 2023

Preventative Measure – Southern Part Of The City Centre-

Interruption to Electricity Supply Notice

Further essential works are to be carried out in the vicinity of GEA’s infrastructure in relation with the new St Mary’s School, on Monday 22nd May 2023 as from 1800 Hours for a period of approximately 6 hours. No disturbance to the electrical supply is envisaged.

As a preventative measure, the Gibraltar Electricity Authority wishes to notify its customers that during this period there may be a disruption in the Low Voltage Distribution Network without prior notice. The affected areas may include:

Hargrave’s Lane (in its entirety)

Booth’s Passage (in its entirety)

Morello’s Ramp (in its entirety)

Kavanagh’s Court (in its entirety)

Charles V Ramp (in its entirety)

Hargrave’s Court (in its entirety)

Unite’s Headquarters (in its entirety)

Bado’s Passage (in its entirety)

69 to 83 Prince Edwards rd

St Jagos in its entirety

Gibraltar International Bank

Inces hall

John Mackintosh Hall

319 to 333 Main Street

Gibraltar College Further Education

2 to 6 King’s Yard Lane

Toch H South Bastion

Gibraltar Economic Plan Offices

Jewish Home ex Hambros Bank, Line Wall Road

Leanse Place (in its entirety)

For further information please contact the Consumer Services Office on +350 20075957 or Mobile No. 58465000/58466000.

We regret any inconvenience caused to those Customers affected.