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No. 014/2023

Date: 27th June 2023

Interruption to Electricity Supply Notice

The electrical supply will be interrupted to the premises listed below, to allow the GEA to carry out essential works on the Low Voltage Network System. These works will be carried out on Friday 30th June 2023 as from 00:30 Hours, for a period of approximately 7 hours.

The affected offices include:

1/5 Irish Town, Lucas Imossi House (in its entirety)

Pizza Hut, ICC

3 Turnbull’s Lane

6 Turnbull’s Lane, Blinky’s Kitchen

8-10 Turnbull’s Lane

17 Turnbull’s Lane, Sanderson Ltd

18-24 Turnbull’s Lane

25 Turnbull’s Lane Companies House Gibraltar Ltd

28-31 Turnbull’s Lane

33 Turnbull’s Lane, Rambass Ltd

36-44 Turnbull’s Lane

46 Turnbull’s Lane, Ram Curry House

48-52 Turnbull’s Lane

55 Turnbull’s Lane, Khubchands Ltd

4th Floor, Montarik Bldg.

West Wing, Montarik Bldg.

Land Lord, Montarik Bldg.

IDT Finance, Montarik Bldg.

Multi Media Investments Ltd, Montarik Bldg.

For further information please contact the Consumer Services Office on +350 20075957 or Mobile No. 58465000/58466000.

We regret any inconvenience caused to those Customers affected.